STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH – EMC shielding technology, ESD conductors and metallic coating

Years of research and development make it possible for STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH today to metallically coat almost any substrate material based on the oxide flame process (OF process).

Due to the newly applied fully metallic surface of up to 120µm, a closed metal layer with shielding values of up to 99.999999% and a shielding effect of more than 110 dB results.

In both the high and low frequency ranges, independent TÜV-certified EMC laboratories confirm excellent shielding capabilities.

The possibilities of this metallization process are as diverse as they are ingenious (Procedure / Technology)!

STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH

Radar shield attenuation
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STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH

EMC shielding attenuation
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EMC coatings

The shielding of electromagnetic radiation (EMC) by metallic coatings is the specialty of STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH. This shielding process is both gentle on the material and highly effective. Get more information about EMV coatings!

ESD discharges

Due to the newly created homogeneous full-metallic surface, solder joints for ESD discharges can be conveniently and adhesion-proof applied to the carrier material. The high conductivity of the new metallic surface thus ensures safe application for the target process of the carrier.

Compared to currently known metallization processes, in the coating process of STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH the carrier material is neither chemically nor thermally pre-treated and the metal is applied to the carrier material in a gentle manner (Procedure / Technology).

Shielding, where others fail


STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH has been dealing with the topic of (EMC) shielding of electromagnetic waves in both the high and low frequency range for years.

The “OF” oxide flame process used by STB-Abschirmtechnik GmbH sets new standards in the effectiveness, adhesion and durability of the newly created metallized surface.

The OF process used by STB-Abschirmtechnik GmbH ensures a cost-effective “price-performance ratio”. From sampling to serial production.


STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH manufactures as a service provider for commercial customers independent of industry.

“Shielding of electromagnetic radiation, ESD protection or corrosion protection”.

The areas of application are as diverse as they are ingenious.


STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH is a service provider with many years of experience.

The products and services have been established in the market for decades and have since found their application in various industrial sectors.


STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH produces exclusively in Germany according to the strict controls of the TÜV.

Due to own quality processes the minimum requirements of the TÜV are permanently exceeded.


STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH is a specialist in the field of metallic coating for the purpose of shielding electromagnetic radiation, ESD discharges and corrosion protection.

With STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH you are on the safe side with all frequencies.

Potential malfunctions of electronic devices caused by electromagnetic fields, currents or voltages are almost completely eliminated by the “OF process”, shielding attenuation based on a special metallic coating.

STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH offers a completely new and unique shielding technology. Both hardest materials such as carbon , marble and glass as well as soft plastics such as PS , ABS, Polymeere and even paper can be coated fully metallic!

The full-metallic (gapless) metallization of carrier materials automatically results in further possibilities for further processing of the carrier such as electroplating or powder coating.

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STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH

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Plastic housing (metallized inside)

Commercial customers have the possibility to request a free electronic housing.

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STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH

Why EMC shielding technology?

… various carrier materials (e.g. plastics) enables safe operation of medical equipment without endangering patients and personnel. At the same time, you reduce the influence of electromagnetic radiation for the proper use of other medical technical equipment.

Manufacturers of medical technical equipment find in our shielding technology a reliable partner and a highly effective as well as efficient way to bring technical equipment to the market without interference.

… of electromagnetic fields in automotive engineering. The industrial demand for radiation-safe devices, especially in automotive engineering, is constantly increasing.

Most of the known processes (AL or CU) vapor deposition, silver conductive coating, etc. for sensor technology, etc. are often no longer sufficient. With the newly patented ZOF process, we shield different carrier materials highly effectively. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the target in terms of radiation safety and the reduced weight of the electromanetic components.

… one thing has highest priority: Data security!!!
For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of developing a process that is able to coat almost any carrier material metallically so that no measurable data can be retrieved from technical devices. With our effective metallic coating, devices such as monitors, printers, keyboards, scanners can be shielded safely and easily. Whether as single, – or series production. The trouble-free functioning of other military technical equipment must not be affected by electromagnetic interference fields or impair the function of other technical equipment.

For this reason we shield your carrier material optimally in the high-frequency as well as in the low-frequency range.

…equipment in aviation and aerospace requires the highest quality and safety standards. EMI-RFI shielding plays a central role in the aerospace industry.
As a specialist in the field of shielding technical equipment, we shield your individual project in the best possible way.

STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH sees itself primarily as a service provider. At the same time, however, a series of enclosures is also distributed, which you can order as standard in the online shop.

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