EMV Coatings

STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH specializes in the coating of various materials for the shielding of electromagnetic radiation. The process for EMC coatings is gentle on the material and highly effective. But what exactly is EMC coating and what is it good for?

Definition EMV Coating

EMC coatings are used to protect objects from electromagnetic radiation. There are numerous areas of application, both in the military, in hospitals or generally in the technology sector. The abbreviation EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility. This refers to the ability of a technical device not to be unintentionally disturbed by other devices through electronic or electromagnetic radiation or to interfere with other devices itself. The European EMC Directive defines electromagnetic compatibility as follows:

“the ability of an apparatus, equipment, or system to operate satisfactorily in the electromagnetic environment without itself causing electromagnetic interference that would be unacceptable to any apparatus, equipment, or system present in that environment.”

Our process for EMC coatings

STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH has developed a highly effective and at the same time material-friendly process for coating various carrier materials. You can find more detailed information here.

Application areas of EMC coatings

The metallic coatings carried out by STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH have numerous applications in almost all branches of industry. The reason for this are, among others, these special features: Very high shielding effects in both the high and low frequency range, excellent adhesion, numerous further processing options and much more. The areas of application range from medical technology and sensor technology to the military. More detailed information about the different application areas of our EMC coatings can be found here.

Services of STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH

STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH has been an established service provider in the field of metallic coatings for shielding electromagnetic radiation for many years. You can find an overview of all services here.

Are you interested in products or services of STB Abschirmtechnik GmbH? You can simply contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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